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Substance Abuse Counseling for DUI Drivers +
1. We provide and bill our services by Credit-Hour. A credit hour is a standard way to measure the amount of time and effort a person puts into a course, both in and out of the Program. 1. We have a single price per credit-hour for all our Programs, with a minimum of 4 Credit-Hours per Video-Session. 2. Programs must be paid in full before scheduling the first session. 3. Payments only by, Zelle, or PayPal. 4. No Sliding Scale.
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It’s not only about your license…
Anger Management
Domestic Violence
Batterers Intervention Program
DUI / Substance Abuse
FREE EVALUATION TELE-COUNSELING HOME $45/Credit-Hour Video-Sessions may be scheduled for any time, any day, including weekends, starting as late as 9:00pm It’s about your FREEDOM !!