DCN Specializes in Substance Abuse Counseling to DUI offenders. If you require drug or alcohol counseling to maintain or get your driver’s license back in Florida or in any other state, or you’re on probation for a drug-related charge, keep reading. Tele-Counseling is offered throughout the State of Florida. From the comfort of your home or office you can attend individual sessions, online, in real time, in order to complete your requirements on your timeline. This may be your best option if you don’t have transportation or access to any of our sites. You can also attend the weekeend intensive sessions to get credit for up to 12 hours. Weekend Sessions are offered in Jacsonville and in Gainesville. You can register and attend weekends and earn up to 12 hours at a time. For more information, please click here. Bi-Weekly   Sessions We have several sites in North-Central and North-East Florida. We offer 4-hour bi-weekly classess at all our locations. Click here to see the Sites and Schedules chart. Once you start, DON’T STOP. Get it done! SCHEDULING AN INTAKE In order to sign up with us, you need to schedule an intake, which may take about one hour from the time you sit with the screener/evaluator. The intake is to gather clinical and bio- social information that is necessary to   determine   the   number   of   hours that you will be required to attend to successfully satisfy the Safety Council and the DMV. 1 . To schedule an intake, please select from our Sites and Schedules chart the location most convenient for you to come for an intake. You may also schedule a Tele-Counseling Screening. You may attend any site after you have enrolled. 2 . Give us a call between 10 am and 4 pm, Monday thru Thursday (Sorry, we’re catching up on Fridays). 3 . We will ask you for substantial information so that we can mail you the required forms you need to fill out and bring with you to the Intake. If you chose a Tele-Counseling Screening, you will need to mail the forms back to us BEFORE we can schedule the remote session with you. Please be prepared to provide us accurate information. 4 . The Evaluation/Intake will result in a Clinical Diagnosis and a set of reports that are required to be submitted to the Safety Council. The evaluation will also determine how many hours of Counseling you are required to attend. The number of hours are determined by a set of criteria that, among many parameters, take into account the circumstances of the offenses that brought you to this point, arrest reports, the accuracy and truthfulness of your information, etc. DO NOT EXPECT to be told that you do not need any classes. COST OF INTAKE: FREE!! …While other providers charge from $30 to $170 just for the intake, we provide this service free of charge whether you decide to attend our program or not. So, give us a try, no obligation whatsoever. We just hope you will appreciate the quality of our services and the dedication of our Staff and Counselors; we expect that you truly want the best service and optimum outcome for you. There is no catch… By now, you must have shelled out a lot of money, so try us first. ONCE ENROLLED… Once you are enrolled you will begin attending classes on a regular basis at the site or sites most convenient to you. You will be required to attend continuously and be fully aware of the Program Rules. We are required to report your attendance to the Safety Council, and they in turn report to the DMV. As long as you don’t miss any classes, don’t test positive for drugs or alcohol other than your prescription medication, you’ll be fine and will soon complete your Treatment successfully. The point is that once you start, don’t stop! Get this requirement out of your way as quickly as you can.
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Substance Abuse Counseling for DUI Drivers
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